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#1 monsignor

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Vrijeme objave: 07 Studeni 2014 - 21:13

Nije prvi put da dobijam mail za naivčine. Dobio sam i sa Njuškala kroz opciju "Kontaktirajte prodavača". Ovo govorim i nakon što sam nedavno imao upit za Stratocatera iz ni manje ni više nego iz SAD-a.


Evo netko mi se javio i na oglas koji sam objavio na ovom forumu i to sa aktuelnom temom:


I discovered your advert during my research on internet, Is your advert still active, Email me I am waiting to hear from you.
Nazdar Refat
Odgovorio sam iz znatiželje da je oglas još uvjek akttualan pa sam dobio mini esej:
Grace and peace be multiplied unto you, I know my mail might be a surprise to you but never mind, I'm contacting you in good faith. However accept my sincere apologies if it doesn't meet your personal ethics.
However thank you for your response. I am not living in your country presently, Note, I decided to find someone that is real and not imaginary and that is why I went to a secured site where I can be sure that you are for real and i have summed up courage to contact you and I believe I can trust you, I am in Syria now and desperately needs to relocate to your country and this is why I desire to contact you.

I am Mrs. Nazdar Refat the wife of Late Engineer Refat a Syrian Industrialist and member of Syrian business men in council Damascus. After the death of my husband, my family is under threat of President Bashar al-Assad for our resolute  support for a true Democratic Government in Syria that is why they killed my husband.

Due to the current disturbances in the country many families are running for dear lives as soldiers are killing civilians, women and children. I want to bring to your notice that I have in my possession the sum of 14.600.000 Million USD. This is the money me and my husband have saved for our entire life as an Industrialist.

I secretly locked up the money in trunk box and deposited it with the Red Cross here in Damascus. My sincere intention in writing you is to plead with you to kindly accept the money box. This is because we cannot do any bank transfers from here following the war. These are the major issues of concern to me now. I will give you 30% of the money.

I have to take this chance because I have no other alternative but to trust somebody. I am an orphan with no brother or sister so I can not risk my life here to avoid an end to my family lineage. As a woman since my husband is dead, all I have is my two kids. They deserve a decent life since I want him to grow up in a peaceful environment. I will relocate to your country with my sons and invest the money in accordance with law, your advice and support; we can work together and achieve a better future for our families.

If possible, may I request you to send me your information? Only if you are comfortable with this request. This is purely for the purpose of sending the money to you. The information needed is: Your full name, your phone number (mobile), your full address.

I anticipate your positive response and on receipt of your information I will provide you with further details. An acceptance of my offer can change your life and mine too.


Mrs.Nazdar Refat,
Fenomenalno čime se sve ljudi bave.
Ovo sam napisao samo zato da budete oprezni i nikad ne šaljete prije nego vam novci sjednu na račun, i to tako da ste vi provjerili u banci a ne da ste samo dobili kopiju uplatnice.

#2 frus


    Piho Dojac

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Vrijeme objave: 08 Studeni 2014 - 10:32


#3 virtuoso

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Vrijeme objave: 08 Studeni 2014 - 13:21

Ako nisi oženjen, ovo ti je vrlo dobra prilika, zatraži sliku.

#4 virtuoso

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Vrijeme objave: 08 Studeni 2014 - 14:31

Inače, na netu ima stranica s blogovima kako su likovi zafrkavali ove scamove, čitati s veseljem.



#5 virtuoso

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Vrijeme objave: 08 Studeni 2014 - 14:33

Recimo, ovaj se predstavio kao Derek Trotter: :biggrin:



#6 monsignor

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Vrijeme objave: 08 Studeni 2014 - 16:59

Ako nisi oženjen, ovo ti je vrlo dobra prilika, zatraži sliku.

Ma i bez slike, vjerojatno i uz blagoslov moje žene.

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